Hotel Old Dutch Volendam

Situated on the lakeside, it has 32 spacious and comfortable rooms en suite. The bar is very cosy and the beautiful restaurant is very famous for its food in Volendam. During weekends it is always full with local people enjoying the food at the restaurant Pompadour.

For groups there are a lot of possibilities. We can organize all kinds of meals and attractions such as: Teach your group how to clean the famous smoked eal while enjoying a glass of typical dutch "jong jenever", or "bessen jenever". An accordeonplayer in typical dutch costume will accompany them through dinner: perkpike fresh from the lake, with boiled potatoes, red cabbage, the famous "butter and heek"sauce, served in the Volendam way: in pots and pans on the table. The participants of the group will serve themselves. They really will enjoy this.

The owners Pom and Kino guarantee you a very happy stay!

Please contact us for special arrangements and bookings
24 hours • 7 days a week by phone!

+31(0)756 40 12 11
+31(0)655 37 10 41

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