Van Delden Limousines
In the year 1888 the Stables of Van Delden were founded. The company kept growing and at the beginning of the second world war the company had 90 horses. After the war there were only 16 horses left. The stables had the privilege to transport Princess Beatrix in 1956!

The first carriage was a Landauer, the last one a Victoria. This carriage is still owned by the Van Delden family. The most extra ordinary carriage was a Handsom Cab, the first one in Holland!

In the mid fifties there was a demand for limousines and many of the horses and carriages were sold on auction. Only 4 horses and some carriages were kept. The same year the first Cadillacs were acquired.

Some famous persons that were driven by Van Delden: Princess Beatrix, Freddy Heineken, Liz Taylor and John Denver.

Today the company owns Mercedes S types, Lincolns, Stretched Lincoln, Chryslers 302, Cadillac de Ville, Towncar, Stretched Towncar, Chevrolet Expresse, Renault Trafic. With their very experienced drivers/tourguides, speaking English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Van Delden offers the most perfect service for your clients!

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