This old fishermen village situated at the former Zuiderzee, nowadays called IJsselmeer, is very famous for its:
typical costume, the singers: the famous opera choir, popgroups such as the Cats, BZN, Nick & Simon and solists like Maribel and the very famous Jan Smit who won the hearts of all of Holland and Germany, football players like Wim Jonk and the brothers Gerrit and Arnold Muhren; the typical fishermenhouses with its curtains and frontdoors, of which none are alike; many men wear an golden earring, in the old days if a fishermen would die at sea, he could be identified by this earring and also the funeral would be paid with the gold - so the more gold the bigger the funeral...

The Volendam people are very hard working, clean, very close with their families and they love the good life!
Every persons has aparta from his cristian name a second name, which is only used among Volendam persons, for example Jan is named Pom!

In this lovely village we have two favourite hotels, where we hold group allocations:
- HOTEL OLD DUTCH - 3 star superior.

Please contact us for special arrangements and bookings
24 hours • 7 days a week by phone!

+31(0)756 40 12 11
+31(0)655 37 10 41

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